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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Amazing Story of Ilya Zorn (and her gold Royal typewriter).

Ilya Zorn - date unknown.

Ilya Zorn's 1949 Royal Quiet de Luxe

No matter how the machine looks, always check the typeface!

Double Pigeon Chinese Manual Typewriter form the early 1970's.

People think it's some kind of printing press.

There are 2450 characters in this type tray.

There are 1750 characters in this additional type tray.

I really like this dealer sticker from Miami.

A Hermes Baby from Hong Kong.

from down the road in Woosta.

                                                               THE END

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A History Class With A Lot Of History In It.

Each row of desks are a different style

Zoom in and try to identify as many objects as you can.

This Monarch No.3 works great again.

This is one cool setup. A typewriter with it's own stand.

These 3-bank machines are neat little compact machines.

I love the thumb wear mark on the space bar.

This folding Corona is off to Pittsburgh.

Does anybody know what application this keyboard is for?

When you buy a lot of machines, sometimes they come with stuff.